Sunday, March 20, 2011


Gabe and Ezra have a close connection. They love each other and play well together. Of course, they aren't always happy about sharing but, more often than not, they do well. They are taking their baths together now too. They play and giggle like crazy. They are staying in the same room now. They sleep together at night and recently have started taking their afternoon nap together. For the most part, they sleep well. Actually, I think they both sleep better being together. They seem more comfortable. Jeremy and I enjoy listening to them giggle and "talk" to one another in their room. Gabe is protective of Ezra. So sweet.

Sleeping peacefully...Ezra's hidden over to the right. :) He buries his head when he sleeps.

Ezra looks like he's in prison...hollers like it, too, if you wait to long to get him up. :)

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