Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas week part 1, at Grandma Sims's Nursing Home

We visited with my Grandma and her husband (Granddad) at her nursing home in Durham to start our Christmas celebration. My Mom's brother, my aunt, and my two cousins were there. It was lots of fun. The nursing home was decorated beautifully and there are several cages of birds that entertain the kids.

Dad and Olivia. He presented her with a Nutcraker.

My mom and Gabe. Gabe was playing the falling over game. Do you know the one I mean? He was not holding up his own weight and mom didn't want to let him go cause he would fall. Sometimes, you just have to let them go. :)

My Dad and Ezra. He just loves faces.

How big is Grandpa's lap? :)

Grandma Fenske/Sims (mom's mom) holding Ezra. He was very content.

Hugging Granddad Sims

Never still.

Olivia is still Hello Kitty crazy. She hit the jackpot with a notebook, pens, and a bingo game.

Ezra playing with the gift bag. His favorite part of the gift. He received an outfit which came just in time as he had messed up two outfits by the time we started to open presents.
Great Aunt Nancy made Gabe his own Quiet Activity Book (she made Olivia one a few years ago)

Gabe and his steam roller. His playing was complete with sounds.

The whole gang

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