Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Olivia's Art Show

Welcome to the Opening of Olivia's art show. We learned this is called an "opening" because the artist opens the door to the studio or gallery, inviting people to look. So you are invited in to see a sampling of her recent artwork. Follow me right this way...

We learned that artists look at detail and it makes art more interesting to add details. This is a tree in our front yard. She got the shape of the lower branch really well. And she noticed the stick on the ground near the tree. She drew this with an ebony pencil. I sent her outside with just a little instruction and then she came in with this.

We learned that art has form, which is height, width and depth. It is commonly called sculpture. She had a good time making this polar bear. There were detailed instructions on how to make him in the art book and she did need some help with this one.

Here we learned that artists notice shape. This is her swinging at a friend's house. She was to cut out the basic shapes of things that she wanted in her picture.

We are studying some Early American Artists to go with our introduction to US history this year. This is a collage she did after looking at the artwork of Edward Hicks and his Peaceable Kingdom paintings. He wanted to send a message with his works of art.

This was done with watercolor crayons. She drew her teacher at our Bible Study Fellowship reading the bible to her. She pointed out to me that the bible is red and they are sitting on the carpet. That is the edge of the carpet around it. She said that she didn't draw the other kids cause she was listening so well to the teacher and not getting distracted. :)

This is also done with the watercolor crayons. Her assignment was create art from a photograph.
This one was done with oil pastels. It is a landscape as seen from our side porch looking out in front of our house. Again, I just set her out there with a little instruction and then let her be.


Jeff, Vicky and Kira said...

Great job Olivia!!

Stan and Dana said...

Yay Olivia! Yay MOM!! :)

Nana! said...

Love those pictures Olivia!