Saturday, June 19, 2010

Touch-A-Truck Day in Summerfield

The Town of Summerfield had a "Touch-A-Truck Day" today and so I brought the kids while mommy sold a bunch of stuff at a yard sale.

There were firetrucks, a semi, a dump truck, a motorcycle (sort of...2 wheels in front...), an Army Humvee, a garbage truck, a tractor, a police car and an Immigration and Customs Enforcement SUV. 

"How do we turn it on, daddy?"

The kids all wanted to know why you had to turn a handle to get the windows on this antique firetruck to go up...

The garbage truck was one of Olivia's favorites: "This is where they stand to ride!"

In the semi: "Daddy, there's a bed and a fridge and a tv in here! It's like a whole house!"

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