Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's Baby Time!

Well, It's baby day! I'm going to try to keep running tabs on what's going on with the birth, so check back often!

5/22 - 8:30am - Rebecca got home from work. Said she'd had a few contractions, but not too strong or long-lasting. Decided to go to bed and see if they subside.

10:15am - heard Rebecca moving around a couple of times over the last hour. Checked on her and she said she was still having contractions about 20 minutes apart, strong enough for her to need to get up and walk around. I decided to pack my stuff and get the kids dressed.

10:30am - Rebecca came down and said she was getting in the shower. Told me to call my parents to come get the kids.

11:00am - Finally got everything and the kids in the van. Meeting my parents at the hospital to exchange vehicles. Contractions have been about 5-10 minutes apart.

11:30am - Checked in at the hospital. Rebecca disappeared to the bathroom about 10 minutes ago. Starting to wonder...

11:45am - asked the lady at the desk what was going on and she said they decided to process her in while she was back there. Would have been nice to tell me...

11:50am - Nurse brought me back to her. Rebecca's on a monitor. She's 4-5cm and 80%. Contractions still 5-10 minutes apart.

12:00pm - moved us to a birthing room.

12:10pm - Tanya (our midwife) is here. She said we can break her water to speed things up, but we think we should just progress naturally.
12:30pm - Back on the monitor for an assessment. Everything's great.

12:55pm - Things are still good. Contractions are 4-5 minutes apart. Rebecca said she starting to feel a little nauseated. Our prior experiences tell us that she's probably starting into transitional labor.

1:00pm - Assessment is great. Baby E is moving around still, so the nurse is happy. Gonna go take a walk around.

1:30pm - Took a walk around the floor. Had a few contractions. Doing another assessment now. Things are still looking great.

1:45pm - Tanya checked her. 6-7cm, 100%. Head's moving down. Things are definitely progressing. Rebecca's trying to stay relaxed and doing a very good job of it. :) I, on the other hand, am getting anxious. :)

2:00pm - Assessment is still great. Rebecca's still prettyrelaxed. Having some back pain and the baby's definitely lower. We've been doing some stretching and positioning to keep her relaxed and relieve the pain somewhat. Trying to keep her hydrated as well. She's going to try to nap a bit.

2:30pm - Assessment again. I think we're definitely in transition. Rebecca's not sure. She says, "I can still think." :) Contractions are definitely closer together and more intense. She looks flushed and says she feels really nauseous.

3:00pm - Everything's still great. Moving along. Bigger contractions coming now. Took a short walk and came back for the 3:00 assessment. Baby's doing fine.

3:25pm - Tanya checked again. 9cm! She says the baby's facing sideways and seems to be rotating around to the right position, so she thinks it'll all be over in an hour or so. On another topic, it's been raining all day, but seems to have stopped now. This baby might be our first born during the day and when it wasn't raining. Gabe was born during a hurricane and Olivia was during a torrential downpour. :)

3:30pm - It might be time. Tanya's back in and Rebecca's feeling like there's pressure and a need to push.

3:45pm - Oh yeah. It's on like Donkey Kong.

4:00pm - Pushing


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Anonymous said...

I so wish we had this technology when were we giving birth....what a blessing to share these moments with family and friends without it being intrusive....thanks so much for including us...have a wonderful birth and a blessed day!! Cousin Laurie!

Anonymous said...

gotta love the update it has been an hour hoping you have a new bundle of joy! Love your updates!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear the news!

lisa said...

Congratulations Rebecca and Jeremy on Ezra. Sounds like it went well and God has blessed you once again. May God richly bless your family.