Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Olivia's fall lapbook

She did some leaf rubbings and learned to identify the leaves most common in our yard/neighborhood. I set this lapbook up a bit different due to the size of the books and such that we put in it.

"Fall Is" is a minibook that she could read and then colored about fall. The "fall words" is a vocabulary worksheet that she had to identify the words and write out. I folded it aso that it will up full size to show her work.

"Left and Right" and "Beginning Sounds" are also worksheets. Most things in the lapbook came from Enchanted Learing. After leaves and general signs of fall, we talked about apples. We went to an apple orchard (those pics are in a previous post) to pic apples. So we learned a little about them and then made some apple sauce with our apples.

Olivia loves mazes.

Pictures from our fun, fall activites. We took lots of walks to look for and enjoy the signs of fall. She did lots of jumping in the leaves but I never seem to have my camera. I think fall may be her favorite time of year just like mine. The bottom 3 pictures are of our Thanksgiving activities. She had fun acting out the first Thanksgiving. We stayed basic again this year. We referred back to her lapbook from last year. This year we were really able to talk about the idea of being thankful and help her to finally list out things that she was thankful for. Each of the leaves of the little "tree" has things she is thankful for. Some of those were, of course, family members, food, our house, her Rhyme bible, family worship, playing outside and taking walks, singing, and being healthy.

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