Monday, October 12, 2009

Another Celebrated Dancing Bear and O's Dance class

As part of the FIAR (Five in a Row) cirriculum that I have been incorporating into our homeschooling, Olivia and I read Another Celebrated Dancing Bear. I thought it would be good to incorporate with her own dance class. So we made a combination labbook for the book and also for her dance class. I thought it would be a good way to put down the memories of her dance class.
This is her drawing of Max and Boris. They are the two bears in the book. Max teaches Boris to dance.

We made a version of Russian tea.

This is the inside of the lapbook. We looked on the map and talked about Russia. We also worked on some vocabulary and drama words from the book. Olivia was very excited about the Matryoshka dolls. I am now on the lookout for wooden nesting dolls for her. I introduced the clock to her a little bit.

Also, we talked a lot about hospitality. Here is our verse.

The other side of the lapbook is another lapbook.

The story of David in the Bible dancing before the Lord. We talked about why we dance. It is not primarily for performance, although that is fun, but it is for God first. This is true of everything we do.
We summarized the things she has learned in her dance class. The aims that her teachers have for her.

Here is the inside of the dance lapbook. It has tap, ballet, and gymnastics. We looked on the map for the country of orgin of each type of dance and gymnastics.
Below is a closer look at some of the things she has learned as we dance. And we have done many activities at home to reinforce this...

**Note: Sorry about the pictures. I had a really hard time with this post for some reason.**

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