Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hiking on the Blue Ridge Parkway- Jumpinoff Rock

We had a fun family weekend of camping, family worship, and hiking. It was my last Saturday night off for a while (I am going back to the weekend option work schedule) so we headed up to the Blue Ridge Parkway near Boone, NC after I got off of work on Saturday morning. We spent the night at Price Park Lake. The kids did well camping. They each got their own tent. :) Somehow we forgot to take pictures of the campground. :( Gabe of course ate lots of dirt. Thats probably why no pictures got taken. We were always trying to coral him onto a blanket to play or cleaning the dirt off of him. :) We hiked around the lake there. The next morning after we packed up camp, we drove north on the parkway for a bit and stopped for lunch and family worship looking at the mountains on both sides of us. Then we took a short hike to a lookout. Those are the pictures below. Olivia saw lots of fun things on the hike, like red leaves, acorns, mushrooms of all colors, a monarch butterfly, the webs of tent catepillars, the roots of an uprooted tree, and the skeleton of a leaf. We had a great time.

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