Friday, June 5, 2009

Spring is here! lapbook

We finally finished Olivia's spring lapbook. To talk about Spring we started taking walks outside and looking at the signs of spring time. She came to really enjoy our walks especially when we went back into the woods. We used our senses to tell us that it was spring time, like hearing birds, seeing leaves on the trees, and feeling the warmer air and the wind. Then we checked out tons of books from the library. I don't remember where I got all the little books and such for this lapbook. I know that a lot of them came from enchanted learning. We covered the months that are considered spring, our Bible verse (Gensis 1:11-12), strawberries (since we went strawberry picking), the basic parts of a tree and a flowering plant, sequencing how a seed grows, weather, frogs, and a little about birds. This lapbook included a second folder making a pocket on the back to hold our extra worksheets.

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