Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day Lapbook

Olivia is standing in front of the poster we made to talk about love. It has her bible verses...1 John4:19 (yes, i just noticed that the poster is wrong), 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, and Jeremiah 31:3. We talked about the specifics of what love is and how we show love.

This is the front of our Valentines lapbook. She used heart shaped cookie cutters and finger paint to decorate it.

The top pocket has hearts with numbers on them that Olivia put in order. She can now put them in order 1-20 all by herself. The bottom pocket (i need a larger pocket) has the Valentine that I made for her and its envelope. She helped me put it in the envelope and address it. Then we took it to the post office and bought a stamp for it. The postman showed her how he put it in a bin to sort it and then that it would go to the car of our delivery person. The next day we received it in our mailbox. Olivia was very excited!

The inside flap has our bible verses and the legend of St. Valentine. We read the book "The Story of Valentine's Day" by Nancy J. Skarmeas.

These are some mini books that we used to talk about our mail and the experience we had mailing the Valentine. The top one lists the steps in order with words and Olivia matched pictures to them. The bottom book is of two stamps she colored herself. She put a heart on one and a person on the other. Sorry we didn't open them for the picture.

This is another book we read called "Cranberry Valentine" by Wende and Harry Devlin. Olivia really enjoyed this one. We counted things in the book, like how many buttons were on Mr. Whiskers coat and how many ladies were in the sowing circle. We also talked about some of the common symbols of Valentine's Day, like love birds, hearts, balloons, cards, and flowers.

We also read "The Valentine Bears" by Eve bunting. We did some more counting of the hearts in the book and we also made a list of preparations that Mrs. Bear went through on her Valentine's Day to make it special for Mr. Bear. I wrote the list while Olivia told me what she heard in the story. The address flap is from our mail discussion. We are starting to learn our new address. I helped Olivia write the address.

This is her candy heart graphing. We did one each day for 3 days. At least she had to work before she got to eat her candy. She did this one mostly by herself.

Most of my resources came from and the TotallyTots blog.

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Kim said...

Love it! It's really fun to see how different the two our our lapbooks are. Especially given that we got our ideas from the same two sites!
I forgot to tell you that Olivia told me part of the 1 Corinthians verse when I asked her what love was!