Saturday, September 6, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to the hospital...


Rebecca started having some random contractions a couple days ago, but they were so far apart, it wasn't anything to worry about. Then she worked last night and had contractions once an hour. Again, no big deal. Today, we had planned on going to Charlotte around noon, but I had a last minute meeting in Danville, VA, so we postponed leaving until 8pm tonight. I called Rebecca at 6:30pm to tell her I was on the way home and she said she's still been having the contractions, sometimes as close as 10 minutes apart, but not lasting more than 10 seconds. I said we should rethink going to Charlotte and she said, "well, I'm going to go get a pedicure and we'll see when I get done."

Well, she got home and we decided not to go. By then it was 8:30 and olivia really needed to go to bed, so, around 9pm, we put her to bed and went to our room. Almost immediately, she started having contractions 5 minutes apart or less. We were supposed to go for two hours like that before going to the hospital, but by 10:30, she was ready to go, so we piled everything into our car and then decided to put Rebecca and I in the back of my mom's Chevy Equinox while she drove and my dad drove our car to the hospital (a neighbor came up to stay with Olivia, who was sleeping through the whole thing).

So we got about 5 minutes down the road and Rebecca started to holler that she had to push. I tried to tell her not to, but she said "his head is already out!" Sure enough, there he was. I called our Doc really quick and she said to get his shoulders out, so I turned his head a little bit to the side and he shot out like a watermelon seed. I'm lucky I caught him! My mom had called 911 and the EMT's were on there way.

So here he is, Gabriel Josiah Sarine born at 10:48pm near the corner of Lake Brandt Road and Plainfield Rd, delivered in the back of my mom's SUV by his dad. It certainly wasn't how we planned things, but it was definitely a memorable experience.

So now here's all the important info: born 9/5/08 at 10:48pm, weighing 7 lbs even, 19 3/4" long. Mom and baby are doing very well and I promise to post some more pictures tomorrow, once we've gotten a little sleep.


DUDY said...

We are so happy things are ok. He looks just like O did when she was born. We love you guys. Cannot wait to meet Gabe in October.

lisa said...

Way to go Rebecca and Jeremy! Well, Rebecca, you said you wanted natural childbirth! I think you really succeeded! Congratulations on Gabriel's birth. If you need anything let us know. You and my friend Karen need to compare stories. I'll have to share this with her. God bless you all!
Lisa Friesen

Ruth said...

We are so glad that everything "came out okay". (Couldn't resist!) Gabe looks like a right handsome dude. Olivia looks great and you two, Rebecca and JR, you do re-enactments well. Can we hire you?? Family looks fantastic and Gabe si too cute.
Love to you all,
Ruth and Dick